3 Best Luxurious Family Cars

Having a family and driving a high-end vehicle can go hand in hand, and you only need to know the right facts and pick the appropriate machines. The current market is full of large SUVs and comfortable sedans which can take you and your kids across the country in no time, and these prestigious vehicles are a dream for any car enthusiasts.


Modern technologies and advanced solutions can protect everyone inside the car, and this is very important for those who want to be safe and travel without any worries. Of course, the visual element is important as well, and luxurious family cars can pack a mean punch when it comes to appearances and aesthetics.

Tesla Model S

Tesla is a newcomer to the world of premium vehicles, but their enormous enthusiasm and energy are making their products irresistible. Model S is full of state-of-the-art technological solutions, and this is the quickest four-door sedan available on the current market.


It is powered by two electric engines, which means that you will be running on an entirely “green” basis, with no gasoline consumption. At the same time, passengers can enjoy top-notch luxury and comfort in the interior.

Mercedes Benz GL350

A powerful SUV has always been the best solution for parents who have several kids and need a lot of space in the back. Mercedes-Benz created this giant of a car for those parents in particular, but its impressive design will also tell you that this vehicle can be fast and powerful if need be.

It has three rows of seats and all-wheel drive, and not to mention leather and various other luxurious elements that will make long trips highly enjoyable.

Audi A6

Just like Mercedes, Audi also has a reputation in the automotive world as being a comfortable and reliable driving machine, capable of satisfying even the most demanding of clients. The A6 is a rather conventional model when it comes to design, but it makes up for it with its impressive safety features. As much as ten airbags are positioned all around the interior, and various other systems and sensors are there to protect you and your loved ones.